How to Lipa Pole Pole

  1. Identify the perfume You would like to purchase.
  2. Payment is spread within a period of 8 weeks and a maximum of 4 payments.
  3. Initial payment of at least 30% of the product is required.
  4. You are requested to share Each transaction message preferably on our Dm or WhatsApp
  5. You will need to confirm when you do your final transaction 3 weeks prior (This is to make sure

    the item is in stock when you are ready to collect)

  6. This Money is NOT refundable (You can however convert this into a gift voucher should you find that you nolonger want the perfume. You also have the option to change to another perfume by the time you a making final payment)
  7. Once payment is completed, your Perfume is delivered.

Payment is Done to: Buy Goods 979668 Perfumes and watches Kenya

1. We don’t have Lipa Pole Pole for Gift Sets.

2. Due to price fluctuations, the final price will be dependent on the Current product price at the time. (If the price is lower the price will apply, Same as if it’s higher)

Terms and conditions apply.